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Submission Guidelines for artwork to be printed on to promotional items

Single Colour, or two-colour imprints Files containing artwork to be printed in one colour should contain black and white artwork. Two colour artwork should have the coloured components expressed in PMS colours. Imprint colour should be specified as a Pantone Matching System (PMS) Spot colour.

Spot colour artwork should always be vectorized. All fonts converted to curves or outlines. Try to avoid halftones and gradients in artwork, as these are almost always problematic.

Submit files in Adobe Illustrator version 10, or earlier (native format); and exported as EPS file. Alternatively submit file in Coreldraw version 9 or earlier (CDR file).

Multicolour objects should be converted to spot colours. CMYK specified colours are only approximated by spot colours (so you may have to make a choice of which spot colour is close). (Four colour CMYK imprinting is simply not possible on many promotional items). Where the submission of bit-map artwork is unavoidable for one and two colour imprints, be aware that some printers require TIF files at not less than 600dpi at 200% of final imprint size, which translates to 1200dpi actual at final size. For spot colour files the more resolution the better, it is always possible to reduce the resolution of bit mapped (raster) files, and retain a quality image, but impossible to increase the resolution of an inadequate image in a meaningful manner (this is where jaggies and stair-stepping effects come from).

Full Colour (CMYK) Process or digital printing

Where bitmapped file formats are necessary, as for full colour printing, ensure that sufficient resolution is supplied (300dpi minimum at final size) in 32bit CMYK format (not 24bit RGB). Images from, or prepared for, websites are not acceptable (resolution is not sufficient). Remember the following:

Submit four colour process artwork to the following specifications:

  1. All images to be CMYK (no RGB content or spot colours anywhere).
  2. Bit map resolution to be 300dpi at the size to be imprinted. Include all placed images.
  3. Send the native file formats (Adobe Illustrator v10 or earlier); QUARK or Coreldraw v9 or earlier.
  4. Convert all fonts to curves or outlines (preferred). Alternatively include all font files.
  5. Allow at least 1/8 inch bleed. Include crop marks.
  6. Do not trap, prepress will handle that.
  7. Send a high resolution PDF file as a proof copy.
  8. As a final check, print the separations (C M Y and K), before submitting the files. If you cannot do this, or if you get extra plates/colours, you have a problem. Remember, if you cannot produce C,M,Y,K separations, the printer will not be able to either, and will not be able to print the artwork. Avoid JPG, GIF, PDF (except for proofs), and Microsoft Office/Word (DOC) files. (MS Office/Word files, as well as PowerPoint Presentations are not graphics programs and are unacceptable).
  9. Fax a proof copy of artwork when sending files. Fax number is 416-421-9337. Art dept telephone 416-421-5533.
  10. Email files to

Wright>Ware 2007

May, 2007


  1. SPOT COLOURS: Pantone numbers
  2. ARTWORK: vector outlines only
  3. 4-COLOUR ART: CMYK formatted
  4. SIZE: 300 dpi at printed size
  5. SEND PROOF COPY: high res pdf
  6. CROP MARKS: yes
  7. CMYK: print separations as final check